Spectrum Lab is located on the first floor of the Southwest wing (Bldg #4-2) and the entrance is located in the inside corner.


Directions from Airport(or Avis) to Spectrum Lab 

  • Exit airport (or Avis) and turn left on Frontage Road
  • Take Frontage Road about 6 miles east, to Springhill Rd. (lights)
  • Turn left on Springhill Rd, go about 1 block and turn right onto 19th Ave.
  • Cross I-90 on overpass staying on 19th Ave.
  • Go south on 19th Ave about 2+ miles through several lights crossing Main St and College St.
  • Turn left on Kagy Blvd. (Stoplights and Stockman Bank)
  • Go east on Kagy Blvd. ~1/4 mile (lights)
  • Turn right on to 11th avenue (if you miss that turn right on to 7th Ave.)
  • Follow 11th (or 7th) taking you south of the stadium. Road dead endsn at our building's parking lot.