Research Interest

Ekaterina's current research interests are in digital holography, lidar sensing systems, and qualtum communications.  She has worked on developing and optimization for high speed photodetectors with W&Wsens device.  The work involved development of nanostructures that enhance the quantum efficiency of the photodectors.  She was engaged in research of nanostructures for optics and photonics in the University of California, Davis.  Ekaterina joined the Spectrum lab in the Fall of 2020 as a research scientist.

Ekaterins's doctoral thesis dealt with Stochastic Resonance.  In 2000 she had joined the Spanish National Research Council wher she studied negative index material.

In 2005, she joined HP lab where she worked on design, simulations and modeling for modulators and sensors based on negative index material and nanostructures.  In 2009 she worked for NASA's Ames Research Center.  The research involved modeling and optimization problems for automation.